Our latest Donr Dashboard Improvements

We’re at it again – our Tech Team have been hard at work preparing our latest raft of Donr Dashboard improvements and now they’re ready to go!

At Donr, we never like to stand still; and having monitored the feedback and enquiries we’ve been getting recently from you, our charity partners, we’ve prepared some improvements to the Donr Dashboard which we think will make your organisation’s experience with Donr even better.

User Management

So many of you guys like to have multiple users on your account with us which we totally understand. To help make the process of adding a user as smooth as possible, we have now added a feature into the Dashboard to allow users with Account Admin status to do just that.

We also understand that, from time to time, staff members move on and it’s no longer appropriate for them to have access to your organisation’s Donr account, so you’ll now be able to delete users, as well.

For instructions on how to manage your account’s users, please check out our FAQ on the subject.

A New Campaign View

We recently rolled out an improvement which automatically creates a NOINFO keyword when you setup a campaign to help save you time. However, we know that the update left your dashboards feeling a little cluttered, s from the launch date of our new roll-out (DATE), you’ll no longer be able to see your NOINFO opt-out keywords as a separate Text Giving campaign, but they will still exist. Any changes you make to your main keyword (such as switching the secondary message for Gift Aid on or off, or editing the messages your supporters receive when they donate via our system) will also be reflected on the NOINFO opt-out version.

Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to see how many people have donated via the NOINFO opt-out keyword from within the Donations and Analytics areas of the Donr Dashboard, and check whether they’ve made a Gift Aid declaration from within the Gift Aid section.

There’s just one change to the reporting side of things and we’ll discuss that below…

A Change to Downloadable Data

Keeping the above in mind, we have decided to make data gathered by our charity partners’ NOINFO opt-out keywords unavailable for download. This is a necessary change to help Donr stay within the regulations of GDPR – as supporters have donated via the NOINFO opt-out keyword, they have not consented to further communications from your charity so there is no reason to download their mobile numbers.

Rest assured, however, you’ll still be able to download Gift Aid declaration data even if the supporter made their donation via a NOINFO opt-out keyword.

Got questions about our improvements?

We know there’s a lot going on right now so, if you’d like to chat over any of this (or any other aspect of our service) with a member of our team, please email us at hello@donr.com or call 0333 4444 777 and we’ll do our best to help.

As always, happy fundraising!
The Donr Team

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