Why hasn't my donation worked?

If, during the payment process, you’ve received an alert that your donation could not be processed, it is likely that there has been an issue with your mobile phone account or your credit/debit card and that this has stopped us taking payment for your donation successfully.

If you’re donating via your mobile phone:

  • Please ensure you’ve texted the right word to the right shortcode phone number;
  • Please ensure you have enough Pay As You Go credit, if you are a PAYG customer;
  • If you are a Pay Monthly customer, please ensure there are no account limits or blocks that are preventing you from adding the charge to your mobile bill;
  • Please ensure you have good mobile signal;
  • Please note that certain mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), such as BT, ID Mobile and Asda Mobile do not yet allow donations via our service to be added to their users’ mobile bills. Users from these networks will have the opportunity to donate by card instead, however;
  • Please note that Plusnet does not yet allow texts to our shortcode phone numbers.

If you’re donating via your credit/debit card/digital wallet service:

  • Please ensure you have not reached any limits on your account;
  • Please ensure you are inputting your card details correctly.

If you have checked all of these points and are confident your donation should be working, please contact your account provider directly to ask why the transaction is not being allowed through their system.