Why are some donations to my Text Giving campaign for an amount other than its default donation amount?

Even though you've set a default donation amount, supporters can still donate any whole pound amount between £1 and £20 by specifying their donation amount when they text. For instance, if you've set up the Text Giving campaign DEFAULT on 70085 with a default donation amount of £10, the following would apply:

- Text 'DEFAULT' to 70085 to donate £10.
- Text 'DEFAULT 1' to 70085 to donate £1.
- Text 'DEFAULT 2' to 70085 to donate £2.

All the way up to:

- Text 'DEFAULT 20' to 70085 to donate £20.

Texts will cost the supporter's chosen donation amount plus one standard network rate message.

Furthermore, some mobile networks split larger donation amounts into two transactions. This means that, instead of a supporter donating a larger amount like £20 in one transaction, they'll text to donate £20, but actually donate £10 twice. As their donation will appear as two transactions on their bill, we are required to represent their donation as two separate transactions on the Donr Dashboard. 

This does not cost your charity or your affected supporters anything extra.