Who can Donr work with?

Donr is a digital fundraising platform which works with registered charity organisations in the UK. This means that, to work with Donr, your organisation needs to have a registered charity number from the Charity Commission in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to work with individual fundraisers or fundraising teams looking to raise money on behalf of a charity they do not work for. However, if a charity wishes to sign up on behalf of an individual or a fundraising team and provide them with a fundraising campaign, using one of our fundraising solutions, they are welcome to do so.

If your organisation is a registered CIC (Community Interest Company), while Donr Ltd is unable to help you fundraise, as your organisation will not have a registered charity number, Donr Foundation should be able to help you do so. Please visit www.donr.foundation for more information.

If you believe your charity has exempt or excepted charity status (i.e. does not have a registered charity number but enjoys the same rights and status as a registered charity), please email hello@donr.com with details of your situation and a member of our Customer Experience team will pick this up with you to explore how we can help.