What reporting is available with Text Giving?

Donr provides transactional reports and information on regular donations for its charity partners’ Text Giving campaigns.

To access transactional reports:

Donr Dashboard > Menu to left side of screen > All Donations

On this screen, you can see monthly reports of your donations via Donr and sort them by campaign and payment method (Vendor). You’ll see the total number of successful donations, total amount donated, total fees accrued and the total payable, as well as equivalent information for each donation.

Donr does not collect unnecessary supporter data so does not collect a supporter’s name or postal address unless they give a Gift Aid declaration. The only personal data we collect from a supporter during Text Giving is their mobile number and network and, depending on the type of Text Giving campaign you’re running, whether or not they consent to further communication from your organisation via text message or phone call.

To access information on your regular donations:

Donr Dashboard > Menu to left side of screen > Regular Donations

On this screen, you can see current information on how many regular supporters your campaigns have attracted, as well as information such as your supporters’ donation history, whether they have made a Gift Aid declaration and, if applicable, donation cancellation rates.