What is an Activity?

An Activity is the title of a group of fundraising campaigns on Donr.

If you're creating multiple fundraising campaigns surrounding the same event via Donr, you might find it useful to have them all grouped together in the reporting side of the Dashboard. For instance, your charity might have multiple runners in the Great North Run or London Marathon – if you intend to create a Text Giving campaign for each runner, you could create an Activity called GNR22 and associated each individual Text Giving campaign with that GNR22 Activity so that they are grouped together when it comes to reporting. Activities can also be used to group fundraising campaigns via different solutions together – say you're holding a Summer Party and would like a Text Giving campaign for that event, as well as a Text Raffle campaign to advertise at the event; creating an Activity called Summer Party 22 and associating your Text Giving and Text Raffle campaigns for the event with that Activity will group them together in reporting so you can easily see how much you've raised through that event in total via Donr.