How does a supporter enter a Mobile Lottery?

Supporters enter a Mobile Lottery by completing a short entry form. Payment is made from their mobile phone and added to their phone bill.

To enter a Mobile Lottery, a supporter visits a charity’s mobile lottery page and completes a short form. You can watch a video walkthrough of the entry process here:

In the form the supporter will be asked the following information:

  • How many tickets they would like to purchase
  • To confirm they are over 18 years of age and are a resident of England, Scotland or Wales
  • Whether they would like to hear more from the charity
  • First and last name

At the end of the form, the supporter is asked for their mobile number. At this point, they are informed of the amount that the mobile number will be charged, and the amount that the charity will receive.

Once a mobile number has been added, a confirmation pin will be sent to the supporter via text message. When this confirmation pin is added to the form, the entry process is complete.

Shortly after completing the entry process, the supporter will receive a text message with their six lottery numbers.