How do I collect marketing consent with Text Giving?

If you intend to send further communications to your supporters via text or phone call, after they’ve donated to your organisation via Donr’s Text Giving service, you’ll need their permission to do so.

To collect marketing consent via Text Giving, select ‘Donation with marketing consent’ as the type of campaign you’d like to create and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your campaign.

When you create a Text with Opt-in campaign, you’ll set up a keyword on one of our public shortcodes and our system will auto-generate an opt-out variant of that keyword. For instance, if your campaign is DONR on 70085, our system will auto-generate DONRNOINFO on 70085 as your campaign’s opt out of variant.

When you come to promote your campaign, you should make your supporters aware of both variants and let them know that one should be used to donate and opt into further communications and that the other should be used to donate and opt out of further communications. Promotion wording along the following lines would meet regulatory standards:

Please text DONR 5 to 70085 to donate £5. You’ll also be opting into hearing more from our charity. If you’d like to donate without opting in, please text DONRNOINFO 5 to 70085. Texts cost £5 plus one standard network rate message.

When donations start coming in, you’ll be able to use our Dashboard filter tools to see which supporters have texted using the DONR keyword and which have texted using the DONRNOINFO keyword i.e., which supporters have opted in and which have opted out so you can set up your further communication plans accordingly.