How do I collect Gift Aid declarations via Text Giving?

Whether you are running a Text Giving campaign which collects marketing consent or not, you can still ask for Gift Aid declarations as part of your campaign.

While going through the campaign set-up flow, set the answer to the question which asks if you’d like to take Gift Aid declarations via this campaign to ‘yes.’

When your supporters donate successfully via your Text Giving campaign, they will first receive a ‘thank you’ message which confirms their donation, they will then receive a follow-up message which asks them to follow a web-link to make a Gift Aid declaration. They can follow this link by tapping it on their smartphone or by typing it into a computer or tablet internet browser. The link will take them to a Gift Aid declaration page – they input their details, hit the ‘submit’ button and their Gift Aid data will then be available for your organisation to view and download in the Gift Aid section of the Dashboard.

This dedicated Gift Aid message is free to send and can be customised within the Donr Dashboard:

Donr Dashboard > Text Giving > List of current campaigns > ‘Three dots’ button next to campaign > Edit > Messaging > Customise appropriate message > Repeat for each campaign which you have a Gift Aid ‘ask’ set up on.