Does Donr collect Gift Aid funds from HMRC on our behalf?

While Donr does not collect Gift Aid funds from HMRC on behalf of our charity partners, we can collect Gift Aid declarations from your supporters and make this available for you to view and download via the Donr Dashboard so that you can claim Gift Aid funds from HMRC as a charity.

The benefits of this are that we do not charge a fee for our declaration data collection service, and your charity keeps 25% of the gross donation amount, rather than 25% of the net payable donation amount.

Information on setting up a Gift Aid declaration 'ask' via Text Giving can be found here.

If you're using our Text Raffles solution, the Gift Aid declaration 'ask' will already be included in the standard messaging we generate for your Text Raffle. If you do not wish to collect Gift Aid funds on your Text Raffles campaign, you can edit the message the 'ask' is included in and remove it.

For information on collecting Gift Aid declarations via Giving Pages, please visit our Knowledge Base article on that subject.