Do Donr's Gift Aid processes comply with HMRC requirements?

Yes. Donr’s Gift Aid processes have been checked by appropriate bodies and are fully compliant with HMRC requirements.

We make public all of the information required for our charity partners to make regular Gift Aid fund claims from HMRC and also hold on file enough information to help any charity partner of ours get through an HMRC Gift Aid audit process, should the need arise.

In the normal course of events, all that HMRC requires from web-based Gift Aid declarations are the supporter’s full name and postal address, as well as their acknowledgement of their UK tax status and how this relates to their ability to have the charity they’re donating to claim Gift Aid funds on their donation.

Donr’s Text Giving service generates a unique Gift Aid declaration form each time a supporter makes a donation. The Gift Aid declaration form takes care of each of the HMRC requirements listed above and the information that supporters declare on this form is available for our charity partners to view and download securely from within the Donr Dashboard. An example of our Gift Aid declaration form and its exact wording can be found below.

If one of our charity partners was faced with an audit of their Gift Aid processes from HMRC, we would expect to work closely with this charity partner to help get them through the HMRC audit process. Although we don’t make this information publicly available for reasons of privacy and security, we do hold on file all appropriate information to get a charity partner through the portion of the HMRC Gift Aid audit process that covers the charity’s work with Donr – this includes transaction and declaration records and unique identifier numbers, which we will happily make available to the appropriate parties, should the need arise.