Can I set up monthly donations to a charity via Donr?

Monthly donations to your favourite charity are a great way to ensure they receive your continued support. If you’re donating via a Donr product, you may well have the opportunity to set up a regular, monthly donation.

If you’re donating via text, the charity will have already made the decision ahead of time whether they’re going to ask you for a one-off or regular donation. If they’re asking you for a regular donation, they will state this in their promotional material (the stuff you see/hear that prompts you to donate) and you’ll be asked to confirm your regular donation via text by replying ‘YES’ to a bounce-back message, during the donation process.

If you’ve made a one-off donation via text, your chosen charity may choose to send you a text asking you to convert your one-off donation into a regular, monthly donation. Again, all you need to do is to reply ‘YES’ to this message, when you receive it, to set up your monthly donation to your chosen charity.