Is The Fear Of A Digital Skills Shortage Stopping You From Using Text Giving?

It’s a hot topic in the sector that you’ll be all-too familiar with hearing about: the possession of “digital skills”. Is your charity equipped with sufficient digital skills to thrive and reach your goals? Or are you getting left behind in an increasingly digitised world? Here, we’ll reassure you that any fears around a digital skills shortage within your charity won’t affect your desire to get up and running with Text Giving.   

Digital skills and the charity sector

Back in June, the brilliant and insightful Charity Digital Skills Report revealed that 53% of charities believe a lack of skills is a core barrier to them getting the most from digital. One-third of all charities also reported a lack of confidence when it comes to digital – the number of which had risen by 6% from the previous year. Clearly, digital skills are something which proves as a pain point for many charities.

Our survey – completed by you back in April – showed similar results to the above Report. Here, we’ll break down the three main reasons you gave when we asked about your biggest digital fundraising hurdles – and advise why they shouldn’t stop you from trying Text Giving!


“We’re new to digital fundraising and it’s taking a while to get things organised correctly”

To create a fully integrated digital giving strategy for your charity is a HUGE job. It can take up a large amount of time, effort and resources – making it seem completely overwhelming.

But Text Giving is a great place to start. We’ve ensured that the Donr Dashboard has been built in a way that’s simple to use and to navigate your way around. It’s broken down into clear sections which allow you to create unlimited keywords and customise these campaigns, to access and download Gift Aid information, and to monitor totals and analytics at any time. You can also organise your data by month, campaign, and other categories.

Built for fundraisers, we’re continually listening to your feedback and making real-time updates to ensure the Dashboard continues to be as seamless to use as possible.

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“There’s a lack of understanding of technology and how data is stored”

Another popular response was understanding the mechanisms behind new technology, as well as where supporters’ data is stored. With Donr, you’ll always be able to view the data we securely collect from your supporters, all from the Donor Dashboard.

As standard, all sensitive data will be partially redacted until we receive a Donr Data Request – at which point we can then grant you full access to be able to view and download this data. You can also enable two-step verification on your account – which simply adds an extra layer of protection when logging in to your account!

In terms of how text giving works, check out our last blog post which outlines the mechanism behind this, as well as how to introduce giving via text to your supporters. It’s really simply – we promise!


“We’re still learning to feel comfortable in the tech era”

As things continue to progress and shift so rapidly in the digital space, we totally understand how tough it can be for all of us to reach a level of comfort with our own digital knowledge. Even the most tech-savvy amongst us can struggle when it comes to learning a new product or way of doing things!

At Donr, we believe Text Giving is the base level – and therefore the perfect entry-level – for anyone wanting to boost their digital skills. As we each own a mobile phone, it’s the perfect place to start. However, if you do ever have any questions, queries or worries about Text Giving, or even about the use of our dashboard, do not fret!

Because at Donr, we also believe in providing you with all of the help that we possibly can to ensure you’re getting the most out of our service. We pride ourselves on our customer service – and you can call or email us at any time and get straight through to a real person, who can then help walk or talk you through any concerns you might have.

On top of that, we have a pretty handy Help Centre, as well as this blog, to help erase any doubts you might have. So, no matter your fears around a potential lack of digital skills within your charity – we can safely suggest that Text Giving is the best place to start ⚡️

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