Is Text Giving The Easiest Way To Introduce Supporters To Digital?

Mobile phones are such an integral part of our daily lives, with the average person checking their phone every 12 minutes. We use them for everything – from storing our train tickets to capturing life’s special moments. They are familiar devices to most of us, which is why we believe giving by text is the perfect way to introduce your supporter base to digital giving.

In April we asked you what your biggest digital fundraising challenges were, and we spotted three main trends:


  1. Your charity is new to digital
  2. Your supporters feel uneasy about digital, preferring cash
  3. You don’t have the time to implement it


This blog post will explore just how easy it is to introduce text giving to your organisation – in a way that will leave them inspired to give by mobile, and turning them into digital donors in the process.

Why rolling out text giving should be on your to-do list

If you’re struggling to convince your trustees, or even just to make the time in your busy schedule to research how your organisation can best use text-to-donate, here’s why you should:

Whilst there’s no denying the impact of cash giving on the charity sector, giving by text message has seen the biggest increase alongside online donations in 2017. This growth –combined with the fact that the UK is rapidly on its way to becoming a cashless society (UK Finance predict that cash will soon account for just 9% of all payments) – reveals just how important integrating cashless donation options into supporter communities is.

Initial roll out doesn’t have to be a massive project that eats up your time and resources. Instead, why not choose one campaign or segment of your supporter base to do some testing on? Introduce text giving in the places you already use to communicate with them — from a snippet in your next direct mail, to an email explaining the giving process from start to finish.

A screenshot of CancerOnBoard's tweet introducing Donr text Giving to their online community

As easy as ABC

Our daily lives are filled with skills that we once had to learn, from learning to talk to understanding how to catch the school bus. They were initially presented as achievable tasks that we had no need to be afraid of — and introducing digital giving to your community should be no different.

Start with what they know

We suggest starting with the part they already know how to do: sending a text. Let your supporters know that they can donate to your cause by simply texting your keyword and how much they’d like to give to a short code number (example 70085), and that it’s no different than sending a text to their best friend. Once they’ve texted, they’ll receive a thank you message from your charity which you can personalise from the Donr Dashboard. The message will tell them how much they’ve donated, and also share our helpline number which they can ring if they have any questions.

The nuts and bolts

Next, explain where their donation comes from. It’s as simple as that it’s added to their next mobile phone bill if they have a contract, or, if they use Pay-As-You-Go. that the donation amount will be deducted from their credit.

How text giving helps your charity

Finally, your supporters are part of your community because they value the impact of your work, so why not let them know how text giving helps you? If you’re on a quest to handle less cash because it reaches your beneficiaries quicker, then let your community know. Or maybe giving by mobile will allow you to keep in better touch with a supporter, showing them what their donation helped achieve, which is important to you.

Sharing this information with your community will help them to feel even closer/more engaged with your charity, as they’ll understand the why behind your new text giving call-to-action – as well as knowing the who (to your cause), what (donating via SMS) and the where (from your mobile!)

Digital Donor ✅

And just like that, you’ve now introduced your supporters to a new way of giving, turning them into digital donors in the process. Their details are now stored on a secure online dashboard which you can download to give to your Finance Team, add to your CRM and so much more!

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