Introducing… the Recovery Hub

We know that the past few months have been challenging, overwhelming and exhausting in equal measure. And whilst there is still more unknown yet to come, we wanted to say a HUGE well done for everything you’ve handled so far. We’re so proud to belong to such a supportive and courageous community.

Our first step to help in the sector’s response to coronavirus was to launch our Covid-19 Hub, where we shared case studies and free resources (blogs, templates) to be used as part of your emergency appeals.

Now, we move onto Phase 2 – our Recovery Hub.


Introducing the Recovery Hub 🌈

A collection of information and solutions, the Hub aims to be a place to connect with your community – one where resources are shared, advice is given and help is sourced, in order to navigate the tricky waters which charities now find themselves in.

And given that this time is unprecedented (we know – but it really is!) rather than guess what you need, we thought it absolutely crucial to start by asking you what you need to know and what questions you have.

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Our Recovery Hub aims to be a positive library of knowledge, advice and resources, accessible to all

We want you to submit any and all questions that you want answers for over the coming months; whether these be around the future of events, furloughed staff, regular giving – anything goes! We’ll do our best to answer them, and if we can’t, we’ll find someone who can for you.

You can now submit your questions, simply by clicking here!

Plus, if you give us your views, we’ll give you some much needed happy news – we have 50 free copies of the fantastic Happy Newspaper to give away to say thank you for your contribution to this project.

No matter your question, we’ll send you an email with an answer. We’ll also share the answer online as any question you ask is likely to be helpful to so many others in a similar situation, too!

The Hub will also contain familiar features that you’ll be used to from Donr – including new case studies on how other charities are navigating this time, webinars, and other helpful resources to support you through the day-to-day.

Over time, our Hub will continue to grow, will always be open to accepting new questions/queries, and will remain here as long as you need it to be.

To stay up to date with the Recovery Hub project, follow our socials on Twitter and Facebook.

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