Team Donr: How We’re Doing Wellness at Work in 2021

When 2021 first began, it was hard to argue that it didn’t feel like a mere continuation of 2020 – and as such, we made a conscious decision as a team to focus on our wellbeing at work.

We were each invited to make suggestions about our interests and wellness ideas, and some great concepts have since been launched to help boost our morale. Here, we wanted to share a couple of these ideas with you, whilst also sharing a message of positivity to say hang on in there – longer days, warmer temperatures and better times are coming!


Calling Food Enthusiasts

It became fairly evident when speaking to the team that we had a fair few keen Foodies in our ranks – and so, the “Donr Food Channel” was born on Slack!

Managed by our brilliant Brad, our food channel is not only a place to share recipes and show off our creations and achievements (and even our mishaps!), but regular events are held, too.

The first event was a Yorkshire Pudding Day, where members of the channel were encouraged to try their hand at cooking their own Yorkshire Puds from scratch. Next came Pancake Day – of course – where pictures and videos were shared aplenty.

The golden rule? Anyone with an interest can join – no matter whether you’re a culinary master or a kitchen amateur. It’s all about learning and having fun!


A stack of vegan pancakes topped with banana and almond butter
Sam’s stack of vegan pancakes, topped with banana, mixed seeds and almond butter


Celebrating our Heritage

Did you know that on 5th March every year, “St Piran’s Day” is celebrated? No – we didn’t either!

But thanks to our expert on all things Cornwall (that’s Adam, our Chief Payments Officer who is Cornwall born & bred) we learned this fact and decided to celebrate accordingly.

What better way to celebrate the heritage of one of our own, than enjoying a Cornish-themed lunch as a team? Or, asked differently – who doesn’t love Cornish pasties or Cornish clotted cream on a scone?!

The lunchtime call was a chance to get together, show our creative side as we challenged ourselves to make the Cornish flag out of household items, and enjoy a bite to eat over a Zoom call.


Scones topped with jam and cream on two plates alongside two cups of tea
The age-old debate… Here, Callum and his wife opted for jam first with cream on top


A Place for Wellbeing Advice

Another idea that was developed was creating a space for members of the team to be able to share health and wellbeing tips and advice with each other.

So another Slack channel titled “Wellness Channel” was created, where articles could be shared, concerns could be voiced and workshops could be held.

One of the first resources to be shared was a beautifully illustrated guide titled “How to Stay Calm in a Global Pandemic” by Dr Emma Hepburn – a really comforting read to be enjoyed over a cup of coffee.

Another useful resource was the below article from the BBC, outlining 5 steps to avoid eye strain as a result of lockdown.

Launching just a fortnight ago, we’re really excited about the wealth of knowledge and the environment being created in the Wellness Channel space moving forwards.



These are just some of the activities and ideas that our team have gotten behind in the past couple of weeks to help boost wellness in small, but significant, ways. Importantly, we always share the sentiment that individuals need only get involved in an activity where they feel comfortable in doing so.

If your team are running other initiatives or activities to promote wellness, please do tweet us and let us know what you’re up to. We’re all ears for more ideas 🙂

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