How To Get The Most Out Of Your Text Giving Keyword

So, you’ve signed up for Donr’s Text Giving service, you’ve set up a keyword or two and now you’re turning your attention to getting your supporters to text-to-donate. Here are a few of our ideas…

Text Giving keywords are really useful as a ‘quick ask’ — that is, you’re confident the people you’re asking to donate are already sympathetic to your cause and now they just need a quick way of making their donation.

It’s probably fair to say that, if your charity organises a public event — such as a ball, family fun day or concert — those attending will be open to donating to your organisation. A charity event is a perfect location from which to advertise your Text Giving keyword: hand out leaflets advertising it; put up posters that event attendees will be sure to walk past; get your event’s host to remind attendees to donate.

Speaking of leaflets; how about printing some extra and taking them to the streets? These can help convince those unfamiliar with your charity’s work that your organisation is worthy of their donation. If you’re doing some good, old-fashioned bucket collecting, give leaflets to your volunteers to hand out: members of the public may not have change to drop in the bucket, but a leaflet telling them how to donate without physical cash could still ensure they are able to make their contribution to your cause.

Leaflets too small-fry for you? Go big, then: purchase some billboard space (whether next to the road or on public transport networks) and advertise to commuters. Just imagine it: your charity’s keyword blaring out in foot-high letters, reaching thousands of people every day.

Another option is to take out some advertising online, on TV or on the radio. The beauty of Donr’s Text Giving service is that it allows organisations to list real, ‘from-the-dictionary’ words as their keywords, rather than an arbitrary string of letters and numbers, so there’s less chance of your keyword being misheard over the airwaves or misread when onscreen.

Hopefully, your charity generates a lot of positive press and any articles going out — either in print or online — are a perfect opportunity to ask readers to donate: they read an article about the good work your organisation is doing, and then a sentence at the end reminds them that they can do their bit to help. Perfect.

However you choose to advertise your keyword, please do remember to give your supporters all the information they need. Your advertising must ensure supporters are aware of the cost of their donation (including the fact that they’ll be charged the standard network rate, as well as their donation amount). So, for instance, your donation ask could read something like this: “Text DONR 15 to 70085 to give £15. This text will cost you £15, plus a standard network rate message.”

Got more ideas on how charities can promote their Text Giving keywords? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy fundraising,
The Donr Team

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