What makes a good Text Giving keyword?

Your Donr Text Giving keyword can be any word you like. It only has to adhere to three mandatory criteria:

  • It must be between three and 20 characters long (e.g. ‘AN’ would not cut it, but ‘AND’ would);
  • It must not end in digits (e.g. ‘DONRFOUR’ is fine, but ‘DONR4’ is not);
  • It must be unique (your keyword is linked to your Donr account and this is how we know which charity to pay out donations to).

Aside from that, anything goes. However, we believe that taking the following into consideration will help you create a keyword that your supporters respond well to:

  • From-the-dictionary keywords stand less chance of being autocorrected by a supporter’s mobile device than a keyword made up of an arbitrary string of letters (even if these letters are the initials of your organisation or campaign);
  • The best from-the-dictionary keywords are ones which are well-known and easy to spell (not everyone knows how to spell the name of the medical condition you’re raising money for);
  • The best from-the-dictionary keywords are not homonyms – there is not another word which sounds the same but is spelt differently (imagine trying to promote the keyword ‘BEAR’ over the radio and having to ensure people don’t text ‘BARE’).
  • While your keyword must be three or more characters long, you don’t want to make it too long – the more a supporter has to type, the greater the opportunity for human error to rear its inconvenient head.
  • Taking all of the above into account, try and have your keyword relate to your campaign; something that your supporters will relate to and engage with.

Download a handy one-page checklist here!

Happy fundraising everyone!