I’ve made a mistake when setting up our Text Giving keyword

If you’ve made a mistake when setting up your Text Giving keyword – don’t worry; we can help fix it.

We don’t allow our Charity Partners to change the default amount or frequency of their keywords from within the Donr Dashboard. This is to try and protect supporters. If a keyword is set up with a default donation amount of £3 – and advertised as such – then the default amount is changed to £5, a supporter may see an old piece of promotional material, text to donate and end up being charged more than they intended.

For this reason, we ask that our Charity Partners email hello@donr.com the following details when they need to make a change to a keyword:

  • Your charity name;
  • Your registered charity number;
  • The keyword you’d like to change;
  • The change you’d like to be made;
  • Confirmation that no donations have been made to the keyword as yet;
  • Confirmation that no promotion of the keyword has taken place as yet.

Once we receive this email, one of our customer-facing team will endeavour to make the change requested as quickly as possible.

Please allow up to one working day for us to respond to your email.