How to collect marketing opt-ins via Text Giving?

We understand how important donor communications are to charities to create lasting relationships with donors and to encourage further support from them. Under GDPR, further donation requests constitute “marketing”, and therefore require the supporter to be fully informed of your intentions and that they positively opt-in to you processing their data in this way.

A simple way to collect marketing opt-ins from donors is at the time of donation, where you offer them the choice to donate and opt-in to marketing, or to donate and refuse further marketing.

Collecting Marketing Opt-Ins via Donr’s Text Giving service

  • Log into your Donr Dashboard and select ‘Create new campaign.’ Create a new Text Giving campaign by creating a new keyword that will be for opting in to marketing (for example, ‘WATER’) by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once finished repeat the process, creating a second new keyword (for example, ‘BUCKET’ or ‘WATERNOINFO’) for donating while refusing further marketing. Keep the rest of the variable options (one-off or monthly, default donation amount, etc) the same as the first new keyword you created (in our example, this was ‘WATER’). It is your choice as to whether you’d like to create a second, alternative keyword such as ‘BUCKET’, or to follow your original keyword with a suffix such as ‘NOINFO’ or ‘NOSMS’.
  • List the keywords on your promotional materials, explaining how they are used. For example, “To donate £5 and agree to receive further marketing communications from us text ‘WATER 5’ to 70085. To donate £5 and refuse marketing, text ‘BUCKET 5’ to 70085.”
  • Please note, sufficient promotional clarity must be given to both the opt-in and opt-out keywords and supporters must be made aware of both options when they are being asked to make a donation.

Next Steps…

Once your campaign is up and running and the donations have started to come in, contact us at Donr to make a data request. We will then provide you with the full mobile numbers of supporters who donated to each of the keywords you created and let you know which supporters donated to which keyword, thereby allowing you to collect marketing opt-ins.

Armed with this knowledge, it will be up to you, the charity, to ensure that those opted out of marketing communications only receive in-service or incidental communications from you.

Please also note that, while some supporters may have opted into marketing communications from you so that you may send marketing messages to them, they haven’t consented to marketing communications from any other party so please do not sell, swap or distribute any of the data we give you to anyone else, and please store it securely.

To find out more about in-service, incidental and marketing communications, click here.

To find out how to make a Donr data request, click here.