Marketing consent

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Marketing consent on Text donations

Getting consent from your Text Giving supporters couldn’t be easier. Using our two-keyword approach, you can give supporters the option to donate whilst either giving or withholding their consent to marketing.

All you need to do is make sure you advertise both options when seeking marketing opt in.

Marketing Consent on Card donations

With our mobile optimised card donation pages, you can get marketing consent in as little as one click. Our marketing consent page is integrated into the donation flow by default, allowing you to contact your supporters.

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We take the protection of your supporters data seriously. Our platform is built to ensure that data is stored and handled securely, and our consent processes are in line with regulations.

Want to use your marketing data?

Your data is readily available in the Donr dashboard, and can be downloaded for use with third-party CRMs. Our upcoming Text Marketing module will also allow you to send communications directly to your supporters.

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