Fees and Payouts

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Fees for Text Donations

Fees per donation: 5% of donation amount
Keyword fees: ZERO
Set up fees: NOTHING
Monthly fees: ZILCH

Fees for Donations by Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay

Fees per donation: 5% of donation amount
Card processing fee: 1.4% + 20p
Set up fees: £0
Monthly fees: £0

*Card donations only apply if a supporter uses our safety net feature or you use a bespoke Donr solution.

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Donr is the only provider of Text Giving that doesn’t charge for keywords. To date we’ve saved charities over £1.5million in keyword fees

When will we see our donations?


Fees for Text Donations

Most donations by text are paid out within 60 days (once supporters phone bills have been paid), depending on each individual network


Card Donations

Donations made by credit/debit card and Apple/Google Pay are normally paid monthly, on the 20th of each month.

What does Donr do with its fees?



We’re constantly developing our platform and adding new features, helping our charity partners to increase their fundraising through mobile.



We want to ensure you get the most out of our technology, that’s why we provide unparralelled support. Pick up the phone and talk to us anytime!



Our fees help to cover the cost of hiring a super talented bunch of people. We want to continue growing our team, so that we can provide better technology and support.

Let's make something better, together

No signup fees, no monthly fees 👍

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