Are there different levels of account user on Donr?

Yes, there are two different levels of account user associated with Donr: Account Admin and Additional User.

The Account Admin has permission to access all areas of the Donr Dashboard. This includes those which allow the addition/changing of a nominated bank account for pay-outs from Donr and the Invoices module, which allows users to download detailed information on the pay-outs their organisation has received, or will receive, from Donr.

If an organisation wishes an Additional User to have access to the Bank Details or Invoices module, the Account Admin will need to email and request that appropriate permissions be given to the Additional User.

In the interest of supporter privacy, all users – regardless of whether they are an Account Admin or Additional User – will need to email to request access to detailed transactional and/or Gift Aid data associated with their supporters. Please click here for information on requesting this information.