Happy Hour #3: Cakes, Cookies and Roaming Goats!

It’s that time again – yes, the one where we share with you some of the things that have brought us joy this week as we share some positivity from our corner of the internet for Happy Hour. Get involved on Twitter by sharing what made you smile this week, and be sure to use #HappyHour so we can RT!


1) The Roaming Goats of Llandudno

We’re sure you will have caught wind of this story after “#llandudno” was trending earlier this week – but we’ve watched it countless times, and it’s still making us smile!

During this quiet time, the Welsh resort town of Llandudno has welcomed onto its streets – and in some cases, its garden walls(!) –a herd of local Mountain Goats. Check out the video below to watch the town’s new ‘overlords’ seizing their opportunity to socialise downtown, whilst residents isolate indoors…

We also love this piece from Buzzfeed, which features this quote from one Llandudno resident: “Goats don’t have the greatest odour. They definitely don’t use deodorant.”


2) Getting crafty with Cats Protection

Whether it’s to keep the little ones entertained, or you’re simply wanting to brush up on your arts and crafts skills this weekend, Cats Protection have got you covered with a brilliant hub of cat-themed activities on their website.

From building a cosy cat tent to cooking meaty kitty treats, there’s hours worth of crafts to keep you busy with minimal resources/ingredients.

Our favourites are these “Catty Dodger biscuits” which look ten out of ten yummy. Plus, this leads very nicely into our next Happy Hour source of joy for this week…



3) The Great Donr Bake-off!

We all know how the famous song goes… “If I knew you were coming staying in self-insolation, I’d have baked a cake!”

This week, a few members of Team Donr decided to try their hand at a new hobby in the form of baking – and to some pretty impressive results!

As it was his fiancé’s birthday, our Co-founder Paul decided to get creative and bake a birthday cake. Reviews from his household are that the cake was a raving success – and by looking at the strawberry-topped sponge, we’re not surprised.

Save us a slice!

Our Co-founder Paul with a birthday cake he baked
Paul’s strawberry sponge birthday cake


Our Project Manager Sam also gave baking a whirl for the first time, playing it safe with homemade vegan banana bread (albeit, in a round cake tin!). Served with custard, Sam says she was proud of her fruit-based creation – and has even promised to whip up a batch for the office once we’re back inside Donr HQ.

Who knows – maybe next, a member of our team will be happy to take on Cats Protection’s Catty Dodgers!

Sam's round vegan banana bread
Sam’s round vegan banana bread!



4) Vans Launch Sensory Shoe Range

As reported by The Autism Directory last Friday, the shoe and skatewear brand Vans has released a line of sensory shoes for both children and adults in line with Autism Awareness Month (this April).

To be inclusive of common sensory sensitivities, the range includes features such as a calming colour palette, a softer and cushiony outsole, and fuzzy material.

The below Metro article also reports that: ” A minimum of $100,000 (£86,000) will be donated to A.skate, an organisation that allows children with autism to be part of the social world through skateboarding.” Awesome!



5) Searching for Silver Linings

And finally, whilst keeping an eye out for the more positive news stories that might be passing us by right now, Martin – one of our Developers – spotted this Guardian story, telling how the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions have fallen for a seventh consecutive year.

The article also shares how more than a third (36.9%) of the UK’s electricity was generated by renewable energy sources in 2019 – a record for the sector.

The average in the last three months of the year rose to 37.4%, the highest ever recorded for this time of year.

Let’s hope the trend continues this way, towards a cleaner, less polluted world.


That’s all from us this week for Happy Hour! As ever, please do join in using the hashtag #HappyHour over on Twitter (we’re @hello_donr!) and let us know what made *you* smile this week. We’re sending you so much love, positivity and hopefulness to you in this time – and hope that just one of our points above were able to bring a smile to your face. See you next week!

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