Happy Hour #2: Working from Home & Wildlife Quizzes!

It’s Friday – which means we’re back again with another instalment of our Happy Hour blog! In a bid to carve out a hopeful and happy corner of the internet, here we’re sharing just some of the things that made Team Donr smile/laugh/do a happy dance this week. As always, join us on Twitter using #HappyHour to share what made *you* smile this week!


1) Action for Happiness’ Coping Calendar

At Donr, we’ve long been fans of Action for Happiness and the work they do, often using their calendars to inspire positive things we could be doing both at work and home to improve our wellbeing and local communities.

Released last week, the movement’s Coping Calendar has everything you’ll need to help you keep calm, stay wise and be kind at this time.

We particularly love number 3 (“Write down ten things you feel grateful for in life and why”) as well as number 8 (“Take five minutes to sit and breathe”). Sam Lade is planning on doing both of these things on her lunch break today!

And of course, we love number 22 – “Find positive stories in the news and share these with others” – the very essence of Happy Hour!

Click on the calendar below to view the original resource.

Action for Happiness' Coping Calendar Resource
Action for Happiness’ Coping Calendar



2) Finding beauty in the madness

In the same vein as this blog, our team has been really good at sharing with each other how we’ve each individually been making our working from home (WFH) environments bright and positive places to be. We’ve all done this in our own unique ways – whether it be the music we’re listening to, the way we’re decorating our desks, or the activities we’re doing during our breaks.


Daffodils and Candles

As a reminder that spring has indeed sprung, Sam Morris has taken to decorating her working area with beautiful flowers and a tranquillity candle. We’re loving the yellow theme – what a great way to brighten up a work environment!

Daffodils overlooking the garden
Daffodils overlooking the garden


Epic WFH Playlists

Our Relationship Manager, Callum, has been brightening up his working days by taking a trip down memory lane. Ahead of his wedding last May, Callum and his wife collated a playlist of instrumental tunes – mostly scores from films that the pair love – to be be played inside the venue as guests entered. Callum says that it’s great to work to now we’re at home since the music is instrumental – and the added benefit is that it reminds him of one of the happiest days of his life, too!


Time with Nature and Family

Our CPO Adam – who lives all the way down in the corner of Cornwall – is no stranger to remoting as a frequent work-from-homer. However, with nurseries closing, Adam has been lucky to be spending even more time with his 1-year-old daughter. Earlier this week they went out on a trip to try and spot some local wildlife outside – and enjoyed the company of these cows!

Spring walks outdoors with local wildlife
Spring walks outdoors with local wildlife


3) Meet Buddy the Blues Dog!

Check out this video of Buddy Mercury – the piano playing, singing rescue dog! This beagle has a particularly special talent, that whenever he hears the tinkle of keys, he can’t help but croon along. And it looks like the toddler enjoys it just as much as he does! Check out Buddy’s Instagram account for some other fantastic videos.

PSA: We swear there won’t be videos of hilarious dogs *every* week on our Donr blog – although polls do show that just over half of our office are ‘dog’ people over ‘cat’ people! Stay tuned next week where we’ll specifically aim to bring to hilarious viral cat content straight to you…


4) Ptarmigans vs Wildcats!

You may rightly be asking yourself, “what on earth is a Ptarmigan?!” – and you wouldn’t be alone!

This week, in a bid to complete a whole-team activity whilst WFH, Sam Morris asked everyone to complete the BBC quiz “Which Cairngorms animal are you?”. The results? Most of us were Scottish wildcats, a few of us ptarmigans (one of the UK’s hardiest birds, apparently!) with a few others chiming in with more unique results – such as the lapwing, pine marten and a red stag.

Why not share the quiz with your own office to see whose personality types match up, and who is riding solo?!

Fun fact: Our Co-founder Paul is actually from the Cairngorms – so although it’s not a competitive quiz, he does get extra brownie points!

Which Cairngorms animal are you? Quiz cover
“Which Cairngorms animal are you?” Quiz cover (Original source: CBBC)


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