Happy Birthday, Text Giving!

Our Text Giving service turns one this November, so we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favourite moments of the last 12 months.

Since launching Text Giving in November 2018 – it’s been a really busy year, here at Donr HQ. We’ve taken the product to conferences, shouted it from the digital roof-tops of social media and, happily, we’ve seen the charity community in the UK really embrace our service – long may it continue!

Text Giving – The Numbers

As with any product we produce, here at Donr, we hope it will help as many UK charities with their digital fundraising. We’re delighted, therefore, that, at the time of writing, over 1,500 organisations have signed up to use our Text Giving service since it was launched in November 2018. What’s even more fantastic is that almost half a million pounds has been successfully raised via our service for worthy causes up and down the UK – it’s really brilliant to see our flagship product being put to such good use.

Text Giving – The Campaigns

Hands down the best part of working at Donr is seeing our charity partners raise money via our service. One of our favourite features of text-to-donate is how it can be tagged onto almost any fundraising campaign to bring in extra income, but it’s really special for us to see charities use Text Giving as a central part of their campaign.

Back in May of this year, The Normandy Memorial Trust launched the text-to-donate arm of their fundraising project to assist with the completion of the British Normandy Memorial project. According to their website, the charity “wishes to educate future generations about the scale of the sacrifice made by the United Kingdom and to ensure those generations fully understand the profound importance of that sacrifice in the context of securing Europe’s freedoms.” To date, the charity has raised over £25,000 via our Text Giving service to go towards the completion of the project – fantastic work!

Text Giving – The Publicity

A Text Giving keyword is only as good as the publicity it receives – if a charity’s supporters don’t know about it, how can they donate to the charity using it? We love it, therefore, when one of our charity partners manages to secure national promotion for its Text Giving keyword.

One such charity was the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust who worked closely with the family of Oscar Saxelby-Lee, a little boy suffering from leukaemia, to try and raise enough money for a second round of stem cell treatment. Their efforts caught the attention of two national newspapers (the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror) and attracted a tidal wave of support from the UK public. To date, the charity has raised over £40,000 via Donr’s Text Giving service.

Coming Soon

2019 has been a really exciting year for Donr. From our ever-growing community to being part of vital campaigns that have raised funds for so many great causes, both at home in the UK and abroad. To everyone who’s been part of our journey so far, thank you! If you’re not part of the Donr Community just yet, find out more about us here. But the year isn’t over just yet. For the rest of November, we’ll be sharing more stories from the last year and on the 19th we’ll be taking part in one the best virtual conferences around – Fundraising Everywhere. So keep an eye out for a few more blog-posts celebrating Text Giving’s first birthday and more on our social media channels and website.

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