Why might we receive less than 100% of the regular predicted income figure?

Quick Answer

The ‘Next Month’s Donations’ figure is a projection of your regular giving total for the next month – one which is based on the number of current active regular donors you have and the amount they are choosing to give. Yet, occasionally you might notice that this predicted income total ends up being slightly higher than your actual income for a given month – don’t panic, as there will be a valid reason as to why this has occurred.

Want to know a little more?

Ultimately there are a couple of reasons which might cause a regular donation to fail from one month to the next. These include, but are not limited to:

– A donor on Pay-as-you-Go not having topped up the credit before the date they are due to be charged

– A donor having upgraded their mobile phone contract where a premium message block may now be in place

– A technical issue to the handset or network which stops the donation from processing on any given month

– A donor cancelling/ending their recurring donation

The predicted income figure feature is just that – one that predicts how much you’re due if 100% of donations are processed successfully. As explored above, there are several instances which are primarily out of both our (as the platform) and your (as the charity’s) control, which may occasionally cause your actual income total to be slightly lower than the predicted total. As a benchmark, we’d say an actual total of anything 7-12% less than the predicted figure would be fairly standard.

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