Why haven’t I received a confirmation text for my donation?

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If you haven’t received a confirmation text for your donation – or you’ve received a text saying there’s been a problem processing your donation – unfortunately, your donation hasn’t gone through (although you may still be billed for one standard network text by your Mobile Network Operator). We’re really sorry your donation hasn’t worked, but you may be able to find the reason for this below:

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You haven’t texted the correct ‘keyword’

This is the word you need to type in order to make a donation. Please ensure you’ve typed exactly as instructed by the charity you’re donating to – incorrect spellings will cause the donation to fail.

You’ve texted the wrong number

Please ensure you’re texting the short code phone number exactly as you saw it on the charity’s promotional material to make your donation, it will fail otherwise.

Your mobile account may have a bar on it

Some users choose to put a bar on their mobile account to prevent themselves from texting premium numbers such as our 70085, in an attempt to limit the amount they spend via their mobile. Unfortunately, unless this bar is removed, you won’t be able to donate via our Text Giving service. Please speak to your Mobile Network Operator about removing this bar or approach the charity you wished to donate to, and see if there’s another way to make your contribution.

You may have spent your limit for today

Some mobile network operators limit the amount that can be added to a mobile bill per day. If you’ve already made donations or purchases via your mobile today, you may have reached this limit. You should be able to donate tomorrow.

Similarly, some mobile network operators limit the amount that can be billed to a user by one specific company. For instance, you may have donated already today and hit this limit, but you’d still be able to pay for other services via your mobile phone bill without any problem.

Your mobile network may not support texts to short codes

Certain smaller networks in the UK do not currently allow their users to text to short code phone numbers. This is not a problem exclusive to Donr, but something that all providers of short codes encounter – please ask your mobile network operator for more information on whether they allow texts to short codes, if you suspect this may be the reason why your donation has not gone through.

If you have checked for all of these issues and still believe there is an issue which is preventing you from donating, please email hello@donr.com or call 0333 4444 111 and we’ll do our best to help.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm, except England Bank Holidays. Please allow up to one full working day for us to respond to your query.

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