Why has ‘Donr’ appeared on my phone bill?

Donr is a third-party company that operates a Text Giving service on behalf of charities. We also host Fundraising pages on behalf of charities. Donations made via these services are listed as payments made to ‘Donr’ or similar on your phone bill, rather than to the charity you made a donation to – don’t worry though; your donation will go through to the charity you intended it to.

If you find ‘Donr’ or similar on your phone bill, this is because you have made a donation to one of Donr’s charity partners – either via Donr’s Text Giving service or via a Fundraising page that Donr is hosting on behalf of one of our charity partners.

If you’re still unsure why ‘Donr’ or similar has appeared on your phone bill, however, please do get in touch with us at hello@donr.com or call us on 0333 4444 111, and we’ll attempt to assist you further.

Please allow up to one full working day for queries to be responded to.

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