Why are some donations to our organisation failing?

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Supporters may be on smaller networks which don’t allow them to add extra charges to their mobile phone bill or they may have a self or network-imposed limit to the amount of charges which they can add.

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Unfortunately, every now and again, you might find attempted donations to your organisation via our Text Giving service are failing. First of all, don’t panic, if you can see other donations are succeeding then you can be sure that your account with us is set up correctly.

You can tell an attempted donation to your organisation has failed from within the Donations section of your Donr Dashboard because you’ll see a red cross in the ‘Status’ column. When you download a spreadsheet of your donations, any donation will a ‘bill status’ beginning in 2 or 14 has failed.

If your supporters contact you directly about failed donations, they will have either had a text to say there has been a problem processing their donation or, in rare cases, they may have had no response at all. If your supporters do get in touch about this, please ask them to check they are typing your Text Giving keyword correctly and texting the correct shortcode phone number, before referring them to our Help Centre or helpline number.

There are a number of reasons which may cause your supporters’ donations to fail via Text Giving. Let’s take a look at some of the most common now:


  • Their network doesn’t support services such as ours. While Donr has connections with major UK mobile network operators such as Vodafone, O2, EE, Three and Virgin, there are different circumstances with other networks. There are some networks which are set up to be cheaper alternatives to the major networks – some of these networks do not support donations via text as all providers of this donation mechanism use shortcode phone numbers (e.g. 70085) which are classed as ‘Premium Rate’ numbers and texts to these numbers are typically not included in standard phone packages.
  • Similarly, even if the mobile network operator your supporter is using allows texts to shortcode numbers, they may require the supporter to enable an add-on or add special credit to their phone to be able to send texts to these numbers.
  • On an individual level, a supporter may have bars set up on their account with their mobile network operator to either limit the amount they can charge to their mobile bill per day, per week or per month, or they may have banned themselves from adding additional charges to their mobile via Premium Rate numbers altogether.

If, however, you’d still like to discuss donations to your organisation which are failing, please email hello@donr.com or call our helpline number: 0333 4444 777.

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