Why are expiry dates associated with some of our campaigns?

Quick Answer

Expiry dates only apply to Incomplete Campaigns – once you complete set-up of your Text Giving campaign, the expiry date will be removed and that campaign will belong to your organisation for as long as you want it.

Want to know a little more?

If you don’t finish set-up of a new Text Giving campaign, it will appear in the Incomplete Campaigns table within the Text Giving section of the Dashboard for 30 days. During these 30 days, you’ll have the option to complete set-up or delete the campaign. You can do this by clicking the black arrow to the right of the campaign’s entry into the Incomplete Campaigns table and selecting either ‘Complete’ or ‘Delete.’

If you don’t do anything within these 30 days, the campaign will ‘expire’ and be automatically deleted from your Dashboard.

Once you complete a Text Giving campaign, it will move to the completed campaigns table and be shown without an expiry date. This is because completed campaigns do not expire and will never be taken from your organisation unless you ask us to remove them for you.

You never need to worry about deleting an incomplete campaign or a complete campaign expiring – any campaigns you see marked as ‘incomplete’ have nothing to do with complete campaigns and so anything that happens to incomplete campaigns will not affect your complete campaigns.

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