Who can Donr work with?

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Donr provides Text Giving services and Fundraising pages to registered charities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. To work with Donr and take advantage of any of these products, an organisation must have a registered charity number from the Charity Commission in either England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. This is due to regulations imposed by the UK Mobile Network Operators with whom Donr works and is not something that Donr has the power to change.

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Unfortunately, because of the regulations mentioned above, currently, Donr cannot work with organisations who do not meet the above criteria.

However, we are currently exploring ways in which we may be able to help non-profit organisations without a charity number to fundraise so please keep an eye on our websites and social media channels for more information in due course.

In the case of individuals or fundraising teams, we’d suggest contacting the charity you wish to raise money for directly and asking them to sign up for a Donr Text Giving account – this will then give them the ability to set up a specific keyword for you, allowing you to encourage your supporters to text and donate to the charity in this way.

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