Which bank details do we need to provide and why?

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We pay out any/all donations collected via our service via electronic BACS transfer. We need your account sort code, account number, account title to do this, along with a suitable proof of bank account document to ensure we are paying out directly to the charity to which the Donr account is registered, rather than any individual member of staff. If you’re an Account Admin level user, you can upload your organisation’s bank details using the ‘Charity Bank Account’ screen within the Donr Dashboard.

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The Process

To ensure we’re paying out to the correct bank account, we’ll need you to upload some information to your Donr Dashboard for us to verify. Before you get started on the process, please ensure you have the following details to hand:

  1. Your organisation’s bank account name
  2. Your organisation’s bank account sort code
  3. Your organisation’s bank account number
  4. The name of your organisation’s bank or building society
  5. Your organisation’s roll number (building societies only)
  6. A Proof of Bank Account document in a suitable file format (e.g. JPG, PDF or PNG). Your POBA document must be a genuine document from your bank and clearly show your organisation’s bank account number, sort code and account title (any other details, including transactions, personal names or addresses can be redacted). Your POBA document should be a bank statement dated within the last 4 months at the time of submission or a letter from your bank dated within the last 4 months at the time of submission. Please note, we cannot accept screenshots of internet banking screens.

Once you’ve got everything you need, please log into the Donr Dashboard, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and select from ‘Charity Bank Account’ from the drop-down menu. Please note, you’ll need to be an Account Admin-level user to provide your organisation’s bank details.

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Here, you will find instructions on how to provide us with your organisation’s bank details. You’ll need to type in details 1–5 and then upload your Proof of Bank Account document to the Dashboard.

Please be very careful when completing this process – the details you type here will be automatically uploaded to our secure accounting system, once they’ve passed our verification checks. If a digit in the account number or sort code is incorrect, it could cause our pay-outs to your organisation to fail.

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Once you’ve submitted your organisation’s bank details for verification, you’ll see a ‘decision pending’ screen until a decision has been made by Donr as to whether the details pass our verification checks or not.

If the details pass our verification checks, you’ll receive notification via email and the details will be uploaded to our secure accounting system, ready to pay out to your organisation, once you start receiving donations.

If the details do not pass our verification checks, you’ll receive a message letting you know what has gone wrong and how you can rectify the situation.

Please rest assured that all of this information is securely stored on our servers for only as long as the time taken to verify your details. Once a decision has been made, these details are automatically wiped from our servers and, if your details have been verified, uploaded to our secure accounting system to maintain your organisation’s privacy and security.

Changing Your Bank Details

If, for any reason, you ever need to change the bank account that Donr pays out donations to, please email hello@donr.com advising that this change needs to be made then submit the details and attachments in exactly the same way as detailed above. The verification process will work exactly the same way, once you have done so.

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