What’s What in the Donr Dashboard

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When you sign up on behalf of your organisation to become one of Donr’s Charity Partners, you’ll gain access to the Donr Dashboard. This is your hub for everything you do with Donr, from managing your Text Giving keywords to keeping track of your donations.

Want to know a little more?

The Dashboard is split into several distinct sections: Text Giving, Analytics, Donations, Help Centre, Spotlight and Gift Aid. We’ll get into each section a little bit more now…

Text Giving

In this section of the Donr Dashboard, you can edit the settings for your current Text Giving keyword(s), add new ones and see basic information on the donations that have been made to each of your keywords so far.


Got a Progress Meeting coming up? Need a few handy stats to wow your colleagues with? Find information such as average donation amounts, number of regular donations, number of one-off donations and how many supporters made a Gift Aid declaration here.


A hugely important section of the Donr Dashboard, the Donations area allows you to look at – and download – essential transactional information on your organisation’s donations. Information is sorted by campaign and by month and is available for download via the blue CSV button towards the right-hand side of the page. Please check this FAQ out for help understanding the Donations Spreadsheet.

Help Centre

Got a question about a certain aspect of our service? Chances are you’ll find the answer in our handy Help Centre. Always remember though, if you can’t find the information you’re looking for there, you can always contact us directly for support.


Donr’s Charity Partners do great work and we love hearing about it and helping them promote it. Take a look at the latest Donr Spotlight blog posts and email hello@donr.com if you’re interested in having your organisation featured and promoted to Donr’s social media followers.

Gift Aid

While Donr does not make Gift Aid claims on behalf of its Charity Partners, we can collect the appropriate information so that they can make the claims themselves. This section of the Donr Dashboard lets you see and download this information. Please check this FAQ out for help understanding the Gift Aid Spreadsheet.

More Info in the Donr Dashboard

That’s right – we’re not finished yet. If you click on your name in the top right corner of the screen, when signed into the Dashboard, you’ll find even more useful information for your organisation.

In ‘Account info,’ you can alter your password and email address, while in ‘2-Step Verification,’ you can add extra security to your Donr account.

Further down the drop-down menu, you’ll find ‘Charity Bank Account.’ Here, you can submit details of your organisation’s bank account for verification so that Donr can pay out to the correct place when donations start coming in. You can also change your bank account details, if you need to. Please check out this FAQ for information on adding/changing bank details.

Finally, ‘Invoices’ shows both paid and pending invoices to help your organisation better understand the pay-outs you’re receiving from Donr. This FAQ should help you to understand the invoices you can download in this section of the Dashboard.

Please note, you’ll need to have the appropriate permissions to access both the ‘Charity Bank Account’ and ‘Invoices’ sections of your Donr Dashboard. Please check this FAQ out for more information on requesting access.

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