What’s best practice when it comes to choosing between shortcodes?

As you might have noticed in our dashboard, here at Donr, we’ve now introduced several new shortcodes to our service. This will help more charities to secure their desired keyword – and, as we’ve mentioned before, the shorter and easier to spell your keyword is, the better!

So, this FAQ is here to break down when it is that it would be best to use a different shortcode, as well as some advice on the best practice for promoting your new keyword/shortcode combination.

First thing’s first – there is a key rule to know when registering a keyword on a new shortcode (any 5-digit number other than our 70085 default number):

The keyword you have chosen will only work on this shortcode, and so promoting the incorrect keyword/shortcode combination is essential.

For clarity, promoting your keyword with the incorrect shortcode – or, leaving room for any guesswork from your supporters to assume our default number of 70085 – could result in their donation going to another charity who have the same keyword registered on another shortcode.

However, we understand that your desired keyword will not always be available on our default shortcode, and so there will be occasions where you need to branch out into new shortcodes. Our recommendations in doing so are therefore as follows:

– Always promote the correct keyword/shortcode combination clearly and concisely on any promotional materials or across any other promotional destinations

– Aim to keep all of your shortcodes on one or two shortcodes where possible, to minimise the risk of confusing your supporters

– Always circulate internally any news of the creation of a keyword on a new shortcode – again, your co-workers may assume you created your new keyword on a different shortcode!

If you would like any further advice on whether you should venture into new shortcode territory, please contact our Editorial & Comms team on hello@donr.com.

Dedicated shortcodes are also available – for more information on this, please contact hello@donr.com with the subject “Dedicated Shortcode Query.”

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