What is Gift Aid?

Quick Answer

Gift Aid allows charitable organisations in the UK (those with a registered charity number) to claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give from the Government. It does not cost you, the supporter, anything on top of your original donation amount. For instance, if you make a contribution of £10 and make a Gift Aid declaration while you’re doing so, the organisation actually receives £12.50*. Only UK tax-payers can make a Gift Aid declaration.

Want to know a little more?

If you’re donating via Donr’s Text Giving service (you’re texting a keyword to a short phone number e.g. 70085), you may have the option to make a Gift Aid declaration via a link which will be sent either in the ‘Thank You’ message which will be triggered via your donation or in a separate second message sent after the ‘Thank You’ message.

If you are donating online via a Donr Appeal page (from 2019 or earlier), click the box to indicate you qualify to make a Gift Aid declaration while you’re going through the donation process payment flow, and then follow any further instructions.

*This calculation does not take into account Donr’s platform fee and any processing fees that may be applicable to your donation. Information on platform and processing fees can be found here.

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