What is a default donation amount?

Quick Answer

A default donation amount means that, if your supporter does not specify an amount they would like to donate by including a number after your keyword e.g. sending just DONR instead of DONR 10, their donation will default to the amount you have specified.

However, if they text DONR 10, they will still donate £10. Having a default donation amount does not stop supporters choosing a default amount, it simply ensures a donation of a certain amount will go through, if they don’t specify a donation amount.

Want to know a little more?

Default donation amounts are useful for campaigns in which you’d like all supporters to donate a specific amount – you could have a really clear call to action such as ‘Text DONR to 70085 to donate £5. Texts will cost £5 plus one standard network rate message.’

Having a campaign with a default donation amount does not mean that you need to have a separate campaign for each donation amount though – even if you specify a donation amount, supporters will still be able to donate a different amount by specifying their chosen amount in their text message, after typing your keyword. For instance, the keyword DONR on 70085 may have a default donation amount of £5, but a supporter could still donate £10 by texting DONR 10 to 70085.

If you do not specify an amount (by selecting ‘no amount’) then the supporter MUST specify how much they’d like to give e.g. DONR 10, rather than just DONR. If they don’t, a bounce-back message will be sent to them to let them know how to correctly make a donation

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