What if some of our supporters’ donations fail?

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Occasionally, when a supporter tries to donate via our Text Giving service, their donations fails. This can be for a number of reasons, such as lack of mobile credit or a self or network-imposed limit on how much they can add to their mobile bill. Enter our donation safety net. Where a donation might fail, donors will receive a reply message offering them the chance to complete their donation by credit or debit card.

Just like with a standard text donation, our fee structure is still risk-free – you’ll only be charged 5%, plus the standard Stripe processing fee, on donations made through Donr.

Want to know a little more?

Every now and again a supporter’s donation fails. You can read why this might happen in our FAQ here. When it does, we want to give them an alternative method to donate so that they can still give in the moment. Our donation safety net is an auto-generated reply message that includes information on why their donation has failed as well as a link to an online page where they can use to donate via credit or debit card instead.

The only thing to keep in mind about our safety net feature is that an additional fee is incurred. Donr’s fee remains the same 5%(+VAT) on any and all donations collected. However, because the supporter will be donating via card our third-party processor, Stripe, will also charge a fee (1.4% of the donation amount plus + £0.20p).

Whilst this does mean you’ll get slightly less (e.g £9.16 on a £10 donation) we’re hoping that because you’ll catch any donations that might have slipped through the cracks you’ll ultimately boost your total amount raised – which is always a good thing!

There’s absolutely no set-up involved. It will be included as standard in the message flow of all Donr Text Giving keywords.

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