What happens to my regular donation if my credit card expires?

Quick Answer

If you’ve set up a regular donation via a Donr Appeal Page in 2019 or earlier (i.e. you made your initial donation with a credit/debit card online) then your donation should still continue, despite the physical card you used to set the regular donation up expiring (yay!).

Want to know a little more?

Your regular donation should continue despite the physical card expiring because Stripe, our third-party card payment processor, uses a technology that allows it to ‘save’ your card. Stripe does this by working closely with card networks (Visa, Mastercard etc) so you shouldn’t need to worry about cancelling your current recurring donation and setting up a new one with your new credit card details – Stripe will attempt to automatically update them for you, in collaboration with your card network.

Unfortunately, Stripe cannot guarantee that this technology will work 100% of the time – it is dependent on the card network which issued the card and their relationship with Stripe.

If you would like to cancel or amend your regular donation made via an Appeal Page, please email hello@donr.com with the following details:

  • The email address you used to set up the donation
  • The charity you’re donating to
  • The regular donation amount
  • Your regular billing date
  • Instruction on cancellation or amendment

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