What does Donr’s Gift Aid declaration page look like?

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Donr’s Gift Aid declaration page covers all points required by HMRC for our charity partners to make a Gift Aid funds claim. Screenshots of the page and the wording can be found below.

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Need copies of our Gift Aid declaration page’s appearance and wording for your records? Feel free to save these images and copy this text as you wish:

Donr — What does Donr's Gift Aid declaration page look like? 1Donr — What does Donr's Gift Aid declaration page look like? 2Donr — What does Donr's Gift Aid declaration page look like? 3

Add Gift Aid

Turn £x into £(x+25%) at no extra cost

I want to Gift Aid my donation of £x to CHARITY

I confirm that I am UK taxpayer and I understand that if I pay less income tax and/or capital gains tax in the current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations it is my responsibility to pay the difference.

Gift Aid is a government scheme for UK charities to reclaim the tax you have paid and gain 25% more at no cost or hassle to you.

Your Gift Aid declaration will be used to claim Gift Aid funds by this charity on any further donations you make to them via Donr Text Giving for the next 12 months.

Please read and confirm the following statements:

This is my own money. I am not paying in donations made by a third party, e.g. money collected at an event, the pub a company donation or a donation from a friend or family member

I am not receiving anything in return for my donation, e.g. book, auction prize, ticket to an event

I am not making a donation as part of a sweepstake, raffle or lottery


This is used to confirm your UK tax status. Address is not used for marketing.

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