What data is available to organisations?

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At Donr, we understand that access to supporter information is crucial for many of our Charity Partners. However, we’re also committed to proper data protection and making the donation process as seamless as possible for the supporter and so we only take personal data from supporters which is strictly necessary to process their transaction. This information is dependent on the product they use to make their donation.

Keeping all of the above in mind, we only take data from supporters that is necessary to process their donation i.e. their mobile number and network and how much they’d like to donate (or their email address and card details, if they are donating via a Donr Appeal Page from 2019). We do not take their name, postal address, gender or any other personal information, except for the appropriate information required, should a supporter wish to make a Gift Aid declaration.

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In the ‘Donations’ area of the Donr Dashboard, you’ll find the following:

  • The amount donated;
  • Whether the donation succeeded or failed;
  • The method used to donate (via Text Giving or via 2019 Appeal Page)
  • The mobile network the supporter is registered to (if applicable);
  • The campaign the supporter donated using (if applicable);
  • The mobile phone number or email address from which the donation was made (this may be partially redacted if the supporter donated via an opt-out campaign);
  • The date the donation was made on;
  • The time the donation was made.

This information is available to download by clicking the blue CSV button on the right-hand side of the screen. When you download this CSV file, you’ll also find the Gift Aid declaration information associated with each transaction to which a Gift Aid declaration has been made, so you can accurately record this information in your CRM system.

In the Gift Aid section of the Donr Dashboard, you’ll find all of the Gift Aid declarations made to your organisation, organised by month, available to download in CSV format, ready to be submitted to HMRC so you can make your Gift Aid funds claim.

Please note, certain aspects of Gift Aid information are only currently accessible via a Gift Aid Data Request. Please see here for more information on this.

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