What data does Donr collect from me?

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Donr only collects and stores personal data from the supporters of our charity partner which is strictly necessary to successfully process their donation. The data Donr collects from you will depend on how you make your donation.

Want to know a little more?

If you’re using your mobile phone to donate, Donr will store your mobile number.

If you’re donating via credit or debit card on a Donr Appeal Page, Donr will store your card information, plus your email address (to send a donation receipt to).

This data is securely stored in accordance with industry-standard practices.

The charity you’re donating to may well ask you to text one keyword to donate and opt INTO further communications or to text a different keyword to donate but opt OUT of further communications. If you text the opt-in keyword, the charity will be able to use your mobile number to send you further communications.

When a supporter donates through a Donr Appeal Page, they are given the chance to opt-in to marketing communications. If you donate via credit or debit card, these communications will be sent to your email address, if you donate via your mobile phone, these communications will be sent to your phone via text message.

As a company, we do not send these marketing communications, but we pass on the names, email addresses and phone numbers of those supporters who opt in so that our partner organisations can do so. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

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