Using Text Giving for raffles, competitions or payments

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Donr Text Giving can only be used for donations. This means contributing money to a charitable organisation without expecting something in return such as the chance to win a prize in a raffle, receiving an entry into a competition or making payment for parking. Text Giving should not be used for raffles, competitions or payments.

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Donr Text Giving must only be used for donations. It must not be used by organisations looking to take payments for goods/services, including entries into competitions or tickets for raffles. However, if an organisation is giving away goods/services for free and suggesting that supporters make an optional donation, this is permissible.

For instance, a supporter may park for free in a car park, but signs may suggest that they consider an optional donation to a certain charity. As long as the supporter is made aware that a donation is not a strict condition of parking, and that they may park for free without donating, if they wish to do so, then Text Giving may be used for collecting any optional donations that supporters may choose to make.

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