Making Sense of the Donations Spreadsheet

Where Do I Find the Donations Spreadsheet?

In the Donations section of your Donr Dashboard, you can find information on the donations that have been made to your organisation via Donr. This data is sorted by campaign and by month and is downloadable as a ‘donations spreadsheet.’

The blue ‘CSV’ button allows you to download a spreadsheet of the information you’ve currently called up on your screen. For instance, if you have 25 active campaigns with Donr and want to see all of the donations they received for the calendar month of May 2019, simply click ‘Select all’ in the ‘Sort by Campaign’ drop-down menu, select ‘May 2019’ from the ‘Sort by Month’ drop-down menu and click ‘Filter.’

This will display the information you’re looking for on-screen then, when you click the blue ‘CSV’ button, the same information will be downloaded to your computer in the form of a CSV spreadsheet (you can export this into an MS Excel spreadsheet by clicking ‘save as’ and changing the file type).

What am I looking at?

The data in the spreadsheet will be sorted into various columns. Please see below to understand the information contained in the spreadsheet further:

Transaction ID: this is the individual reference number generated by each donation your organisation receives. This can be useful in helping you match up transactions from this spreadsheet with those listed on the Gift Aid data spreadsheet.

Campaign: this will show the keyword that a supporter used to donate to your organisation (in case you have two or more keywords, this can help you identify which particular aspect of your charity the supporter wished to donate to, or if they have opted in or out of marketing communications. Please see here for more information on this.)

MSISDN: this is the technical term for mobile phone number. If you have the appropriate account privileges, the full phone number used to donate will be visible here. If you don’t have the appropriate privileges, only the last four digits of each phone number will be shown.

Email: if your organisation makes use of one of our Online Fundraising Pages, and a supporter donates via credit/debit card, their email address will appear here.

Amount: this will show the amount that a supporter donated to your charity.

Method: this will let you know whether a supporter has donated via Text Giving or one of our Online Fundraising Pages.

Bill status: 100000 means the donation was successful, any code starting with 2 means the donation failed for some reason – this could be due to not having enough Pay-as-you-Go credit on their phone or having a block on their phone that prevents them from adding extra costs to their mobile bill.

Logged: the date and time the donation was made.

Name:  if your organisation makes use of on our online fundraising pages, and a supporter donates via credit/debit card, their name will appear here.

Please note, unless you have certain permissions, some of the information in the spreadsheet may be partially redacted. Please see this FAQ to learn how to gain appropriate user permissions to allow you to see full, non-redacted information on your organisation’s donations.

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