How will my donation be used?

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We hope and trust your donation will be used to made the world a better place! Donr passes all donations collected via our service (minus any applicable fees) to our charity partners who are all registered, recognised charitable organisations. It is the responsibility of each individual charity partner to ensure the funds they collect via our service are put to the use the charity promised they would be.

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Whether you’re donating via texting a keyword to short code phone number, such as 70085, (using Donr’s Text Giving service) or via a Donr Appeal Page, you’ll be donating to a charity which is registered either in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. While Donr conducts due diligence on each of our charity partners to ensure we’re forwarding the money we collect to the correct bank account, it’s down to each individual charity to ensure the money is spent in the way which is consistent with the messaging they’ve put out to supporters. We’d encourage you to follow your chosen charity on social media to keep up-to-date with the organisation’s activities and sign up for any communications updates the charity offers so they can let you know how your donation will be used.

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