How will Donr transactions appear on my bank statement or phone bill?

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In most cases, your donation will show as ‘’ or very similar, whether it is appearing on your phone bill or bank statement. However, on occasion, this can differ depending on how your mobile network operator or bank presents their documents. Please read on to find out more.

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Mobile Bills

Transactions made via Donr appear on your mobile bill differ depending on which mobile network you’re with. However, generally, the date and amount of the donation should be listed next to ‘Donr’ or similar.

N.B. Please be aware that, although we have made every effort to ensure that how we appear on statements and bills reflects our current company name, donations made via Donr do occasionally get listed as being from DonateToday (our former company name), or similar. In some cases, a short code phone number will appear instead of ‘Donr’ or similar.

Credit or Debit Card Statement

Transactions should show the date and amount of the donation listed next to ‘Donr’ or similar, along with the transaction account.

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