How to set up Your Donorfy API Integration

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Your Donorfy API Integration can be set up within the Integrations section of the Donr Dashboard and within the System Settings of your Donorfy account. Please note, you must have a Donorfy account set up, before you can make use of this feature.

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First, you need to ask Donorfy Support to enable the API on your system. To do this please create a Donorfy support request (ticket).

Steps to Set up Your Donorfy API Key:

In your Donorfy account, navigate to Settings, Configuration and select System Settings.
The Donorfy API Key will appear on the page – copy this key to the Donorfy API Key field in your Donr Dashboard.
Steps to set up Donorfy API Access Keys and Donorfy API Permission Name:

In your Donorfy account, navigate to Settings, Configuration, select API Settings and click on the ‘Add Permission’ button.
On the same page, create a name for the permission and access key and copy them to the ‘Donorfy API Permission Name’, ‘Donorfy API Access Key’ fields in your Donr Dashboard.
On the same page in the ‘From IP Address’ and ‘To IP Address’ fields in your Donorfy account, add our server’s IP address to reduce the risk of unauthorised access to your data.
Don’t forget to click ‘save’ in your Donr account when you make any changes to the settings in there. The on/off toggle switch at the top of the page won’t be enabled until these settings are saved.

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