How to collect marketing opt-ins via Text Giving?

We understand how important it is to carry on the conversation with your supporters once they’ve made a donation. Under GDPR, any further communications constitute as “marketing”, which means you’ll need a person’s consent before you send them a marketing message.


What counts as consent?

Consent must be knowingly and freely given, clear and specific and involve a very clear positive opt-in, for example ticking a box or in the case of Donr Text Giving, texting your opt-in keyword.

To collect marketing consent using Donr Text Giving you need to use the Two Keywords Approach. All this means, is that you set up two keywords per campaign and promote one as your ‘donate and opt into marketing’ keyword and another as your ‘donate without opting in’ keyword.


How to setup a Donr text Giving campaign that collects marketing consent?

  • Log into your Donr Dashboard and select ‘Create new campaign.’
  • Create a new Text Giving campaign by creating a new keyword that will be your ‘donate and opt into marketing’ keyword, for example, ‘WATER’
  • Once finished repeat the process to create your ‘donate without opting in’ keyword – for example WATERNOINFO’. Make sure you keep the rest of the variable options (one-off or monthly, default donation amount, etc) the same as the first keyword you created


How to correctly promote your two keywords?

To meet regulations your promotion needs to show both keywords with equal prominence as well let supporters know how you will be contacting them if they opt into marketing, for example by SMS or telephone. We suggest including both options so that you can contact them via phone call or text.

Example call to action to collect marketing consent

For example, “ To donate £5 and opt into telephone and SMS marketing consent from us text ‘WATER 5’ to 70085. To donate £5 and refuse marketing, text ‘WATERNOINFO 5’ to 70085. Texts cost donation amount plus one standard rate message”


Next Steps…

Once your campaign is up and running and generating donations contact us to make a data request. You will then be able to access and download full mobile numbers from the dashboard and contact those who opted into marketing.

Please also note that supporters who have opted into marketing haven’t consented to marketing communications from any other party so please do not sell, swap or distribute any of the data we give you to anyone else, and please store it securely.

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