How does the ‘Conversion Message’ campaign add-on work?

Quick Answer

The Conversion Message campaign add-on allows you to turn a one-off text giving campaign into a conversion campaign to grow your number of regular givers. If enabled, a supporter who has donated and opted into marketing will be sent a follow-up text asking them if they’d consider making a monthly donation.

During setup, you can decide when you’d like your supporters to receive the message as well as how much you’d like to ask them to give per month. This message normally costs 3p per donation – however, we’ve waived this fee until 2021, so that you can trial new tools during this uncertain time.

Screenshot of the Conversion Campaign add on setup process

Want to know a little more?

The Conversion Message add-on can either be enabled during setup or you can enable it in the customise section of your Text Giving campaign in the dashboard. You can only use this add-on if you are running a text giving campaign that is collecting marketing consent. ie. you must be promoting both the KEYWORD and KEYWORDNOINFO. The conversion message will then only be sent to those who have opted in.

You can choose between four time delay options: 1 minute, 1 day, 1 week and two weeks. We advise that the time delay you choose is dependent on your campaign’s context. For example, if you’re running an emergency appeal you may not want to send the conversion message too soon as it could have a negative impact on your supporter’s experience. Contrastly, if you’re planning on running a conversion campaign at an event, you may want to time the message so that supporters receive it whilst they’re at the event and feel particularly close to your cause.

You can edit the default conversion message in the ‘Customise’ section of the campaign by selecting Text Giving on your dashboard  > find the campaign you’d like to customise in the ‘Name’ column > select ▾ > Customise > select the Messaging & Add-ons tab and scroll down to the Conversion Message.

If you’re not sure how much to ask supporters to give per month, we suggest basing it on your other regular giving programmes as no one knows your supporters better than you do. If you’re brand new to regular giving, don’t freak out! It’s all about testing. Trial different amounts over time to gauge a response.

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