How does Donr collect Gift Aid information via Text Giving?

We understand that collecting Gift Aid information is a vital part of any fundraising campaign. Therefore, we’re more than happy to collect this information on behalf of your charity, before passing it on to you in a secure format to claim 100% of this from HMRC.

We provide two options for the collection of this data, as outlined below:

Option 1: You can send a second, customisable text message including the Gift Aid link whenever someone makes a donation. To activate this feature, switch ‘ON’ the secondary message Gift Aid function from the Edit your campaign section of our dashboard. We’ll then send this secondary text, at a cost of 3p per donation.

Option 2: Alternatively, you can opt to manually include the Gift Aid link in your free Thank You message. To do this, switch the Gift Aid function button to ‘OFF’ from within the dashboard, and instead customise your Thank You text message by using the ‘Edit’ button that you’ll see towards the bottom of the dashboard when editing your campaign. Here, you can copy and paste the URL into your text; although you will be left with significantly less space to customise this text (due to the 160 character limit of a text message).

Why do we have two options for Gift Aid information collection?

Enabling a second text message gives you more space to let your supporters know why Gift Aid is so important to you. Using the extra characters to talk to your community in your own voice is very powerful, and we believe it’s a feature that should be accessible to all charities, no matter how big or small.

You can find out how to update your existing keywords by clicking here. To make sure your campaign is always is compliant, take a look at the example texts we’ve written in your dashboard to help guide you along the way.

Please also note that any keywords created prior to our roll-out date for this feature (Tuesday, 29th January 2019) will not have collected any Gift Aid data up to this point. 

Charities wishing to collect Gift Aid information on already-created keywords from this point forward should log into their Donr Dashboard and click to ‘Edit’ these campaigns. From this screen, it will be possible to switch ‘ON’ the secondary message function or manually copy and paste the Gift Aid URL into the free ‘Thank You’ message.

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